4340 Wrist Pins

4340 pins are recommended for sprint cars, blown engines and more!  Manufactured from billet bar stock 4340 chrome moly, which has a minimum tensile strength of 240,000 psi and a 13% greater ductility than standard pins. The hard chrome finish provides long life.

Ross Racing Pistons 4340 Wrist Pin
DiameterLengthWallGram WeightMaterialPart#Note
0.7912.500.150 TW804340791-04-25Taper Wall Pin
0.7922.850.150 TW944340792-04-28Taper Wall Pin
0.8272.500.160 TW924340827-04-25Taper Wall Pin
0.8752.500.160 TW1054340875-04-25Taper Wall Pin
0.8752.850.160 TW1244340875-04-28Taper Wall Pin
0.9052.500.175 TW1184340905-04-25Taper Wall Pin
0.9272.500.180 TW1214340927-04-25Taper Wall Pin
0.9272.950.180 TW1454340927-04-29Taper Wall Pin
0.9273.125.180 TW1504340927-04-31Taper Wall Pin
0.9442.750.150 TW1354340945-03-27Taper Wall Pin
0.9452.850.190 TW1444340945-04-28Taper Wall Pin
0.9452.930.200 TW1644340975-04-29Taper Wall Pin
0.9842.500.210 TW1464340984-04-25Taper Wall Pin
1.0312.750.200 TW1614340031-04-27Taper Wall Pin
1.0402.930.200 TW1774340040-04-29Taper Wall Pin
1.0403.125.200 TW1844340040-04-31Taper Wall Pin
1.0942.750.240 TW1894340094-04-27Taper Wall Pin