Big Bore (4.912 – 6.190)

Ross can custom design and manufacture custom forged pistons for your big bore engine. Applications include air boats, pulling tractors, antique automobiles and more.


Piston TypePart #
Flat Top26-10
Dome Top26-20
Dish Top26-42


Piston TypePart #
Flat Top27-10
Dome Top27-20
Dish Top27-42


Piston TypePart #
Flat Top28-10
Dome Top28-20
Dish Top28-42

Diesel  (3.700 – 5.125)

Ross’ Diesel-Power Pistons are made on specialized diesel forgings for optimum strength and reliability!

Unique Features Include:

  • Special interiors which are designed to direct the flow of cooling oil on engines which have piston oil cooling nozzles.
  • Extra Heavy duty design features to stand up to the tortures of ultra high boost.

All Ross Diesel pistons are custom made and can be designed and manufactured to your specifications in just a few business days. Antique, tractor pull, truck pull, and diesel racing engine pistons can be made from samples, sketches, computer files or verbal instructions.

Give us a call today to find out more!

3.980 – 4.187 BORE

Piston TypePart #
Flat Top44-12
Dome Top44-22
Dish Top44-34

4.250 – 4.500 BORE

Piston TypePart #
Flat Top44-13
Dome Top44-14
Dish Top44-15

4.501 – 4.962 BORE

Piston TypePart #
Flat Top44-10
Dome Top44-20
Dish Top44-30

Antique, Classic & Tractor

Ross fills the need for a high quality forged aluminum pistons for classic, antique, and street rods. All Ross classic pistons are custom made for your particular application. For this reason, ROSS can supply pistons for practically all engines in bore sizes between 2.283” (58 mm) and 6.190” (157.23 mm). Due to the large variety of engines for which ROSS Classic Pistons are available, no attempt is made to list all of them.

Should you require pistons for an engine not listed in our regular custom section in the catalog simply call (310) 536-0100. For situations in which the engine is unusual, you may send ROSS a sample piston outlining changes you desire in your new pistons.

This will prevent confusion and assure that the correct pistons are manufactured.  The ROSS design department can also work from sketches, combustion chamber molds, etc.


Piston TypePart #
Flat Top67-11
Dome Top67-21
Dish Top67-32


Piston TypePart #
Flat Top36-11
Dome Top33-21
Dish Top36-32