Whats Included: Complete Set Of Pistons, Locks & 5115 Series Straight Wall Pins
Application: Recommended for Applications Using Nitrous (400+HP Shot) / Not Recommended For Turbo Applications
[Please Note]: Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary.

Piston Top Type: Dish Top
Bore: 4.530
Stroke: 4.500
Rod Length: 7.100
Compression Height: 1.355
Compression Ratio (64): 11.50
Compression Ratio (75): 10.50
Compression Ratio (88): 9.50
Dome Volume: -35.10
Dome Height: N/A
Gram Weight: N/A
Rings: 1/16 1/16 3/16
Ring Set: TOT-CR9190
Rings Included: No
Oil Rail Spacer: No
Pins: 5115 Straight Wall
Pin Diameter: .990
Pin Length: 2.930
Pin Wall: .150
Pin Weight: 146 Grams
Pin Buttons: No
Block Height: 10.725
Top Land: N/A
Second Land: N/A
Oil Land: N/A
Deck Thickness: N/A
Intake Cutter: N/A
Exhaust Cutter: N/A
Intake Depth: N/A
Exhaust Depth: N/A
Note: 4340 or H13 Pin recommended for NOS over 300HP