Ford Modular 2 and 4 Valve Stroker (Built to withstand Nos or Forced injection)

Ford 2 and 4 valve Modular 4.6L engines are extremely abundant having been in production since 1991 and 1993 respectively, fairly inexpensive and can produce excellent power. They are known for their high-revving ability, especially the 4-valve models when modified for racing.

Now Ross Racing Pistons has increased that performance envelope by offering forged pistons for 3.750” stroker crankshafts with 5.850”-long connecting rods. This increased stroke ( .207”) will pump up low and mid-range torque which the little Modular really needs to be competitive in certain applications. Ross is offering the pistons in standard and .020” oversize bores with two compression ratios: 11.0:1 and a supercharger friendly 9.9:1. Both pistons are designed to handle forced induction or nitrous oxide.

  • In standard and .020 over bore sized
  • 3.750 Stroke
  • 5.850 Rod Length
  • 11.0:1 or 9.9:1 compression ratios

Standard Features Include:

  • Forged out of 2618 T-61 aerospace aluminum
  • CNC machined to exacting tolerances
  • Precisely placed valve reliefs and dual pin oilers
  • 2ND ring land pressure accumulator groove
  • Lock removal indents
  • Pin fitting
  • Radiused valve reliefs


Ross Racing Pistons Ford Modular Pistons Inset
Ross Pistons Modular Ford Coyote Pistons